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Junior High School 
(Grades 7th & 8th)

The Life Academy Junior High is a family in many ways. Our small classes, unified dedication to academics, and our unwavering loyalty to each other in our sports programs have resulted in an amazing group of students.


Our program allows for advancement beyond that often offered in other curriculums. Classes consist of the four cores of Mathematics, Social Studies, Language and Science, varying according to grade level.


We also offer several electives that include Computer, Back to Basics, Spanish, Art, Music, P.E., Drama, Film and Creative Writing. We are always adding to our electives to continue to help our students thrive in their areas of interest.


Field trips are used as a means of education and socialization. We try to take a variety of local trips here in Western Colorado, as well as one or two out-of-state field trips per year.


Our sports program currently incorporates volleyball, basketball, and track teams.

We encourage a true relationship with God at Life Academy. Each student participates in a Bible class where the Bible is taught as the Word of God and a basis for all character building.

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